We can encapsulate your building with shrink wrap, a water tight protective plastic which is fast becoming an industry practice due to its numerous benefits:

Encapsulation allows work to be carried out on any part of a building in almost any weather (pretty useful with the unpredictable Canterbury climate!). It often means while renovations are taking place home owners/tenants can stay comfortably in the house/building. There are also no extra bills for water, wind and sun damage.

When compared with conventional methods such as netting, tarpaulins and plastic, shrink wrap is a far superior product, with no ripping, flapping or pulling in the wind.


  • 100% recyclable
  • Provides protection from UV rays
  • Waste containment and privacy
  • Durable and tough and guaranteed to last in New Zealand’s intense sunlight and weather conditions


Please contact us today for a free quote and see how encapsulation can help your project


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